Two of the ultimate ‘moving mindfulness’ practices are Yoga and Taichi. They are very effective to help you become more present and eliminate the stress of modern day life. They both consist of a series of movements and breathing exercises designed to build strength, restore balance and obtain optimal physical and mental wellbeing.


Yoga and Taichi Courses are normally conducted in 8-week blocks, where each week you will build upon the patterns or movements to form a complete set. This will enable you to continue the practice at home and feel the ongoing health benefits.

Private Tuition is also available for a more personal and focused approach. This enables you to learn at a faster pace and movements will be adapted for your specific needs.


Regular practice of Yoga and Taichi can:

• Relieve stress and anxiety
Improve flexibility and posture
Improve mental alertness and concentration
Reduce blood pressure
Boost energy levels
Boost immune function
Increase emotional balance
Improve mental clarity and focus


We also tailor make seminars and topics specifically related to your companies needs. Please contact us and find out how we can help you.

Where: We come to your workplace any time of the day

Duration:  Typically 60 or 90mins

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