A Mindful Morning or Afternoon- Half-Day Program

4hrs Workshop

eg: 9am -1pm or 1pm-5pm

This is a great program to introduce mindfulness as a way of life to the whole team. This half-day workshop will give staff all the tools and techniques to get started in a mindfulness practice. Think fun interactive activities mixed with informative content. You will learn how to work more productively and achieve more everyday.

A big day of mindfulness immersion
Lots of great takeaway tips and techniques
Learn how to establish a regular practice

This full day intensive will dive deeper into the cognitive practices of mindfulness a will give staff all the tools and techniques to get started, and stick to, a regular mindfulness practice. This day is a great mix of theoretical content, lots of interactive activities and of course meditation practices throughout the day. You will learn how to work more productively, and achieve more everyday.

This day has been described as truly transformative!


This price for half or full day programs is all-inclusive which gives you:

All handouts and materials supplied

Engaging content to keep you engaged in the practice

Step-by-Step guidance to establish a regular practice

Ongoing support via email/phone

Complete Mindfulness Audio Package

A Full Day of Mindfulness -Full-Day Intensive Program
7hrs Program
eg: 9am- 4pm (light snacks included)

I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) in 2003 and prior to that used to be very athletic and active. It was soul destroying to be told I couldn’t exercise the way I used to. Working with Melo has helped me manage my symptoms so much better. We have been practicing Taichi, and other breathing/meditation techniques which have allowed me to keep a fairly active lifestyle…..Thank you so much Melo you have changed my mindset and quality of life.


Julian G
Mental Health Social Worker, Melbourne, Australia

I have benefited greatly from working with Mindfulmooves for the past five years as my overall health coaches. The greatest investment I can make is in my long-term health. Since working with Mindfulmooves I feel more balanced, stronger, more resilient, energized and I feel happier.



Denni Francisco

I have attended Mindfulmooves’s 8-week Taichi and Meditation course, and I cannot believe how different I feel! I am more energized and focussed, and I sleep much better at night. With just the breathing techniques alone I am able to control my stress levels much more effectively and be less reactive. I am eternally thankful for Mindfulmooves support and guidance!



Carrie Greenburg

We have just taken our whole organization through The Mindful Workplace 6-week program and I can say it was truly transformational. Overall our staff are more energized, engaged, productive and resilient to stressful periods. And now our workplace is a much nicer environment to be in, eternal thanks Mindfulmooves!


Chris J

Melo takes a holistic approach that incorporates both the brain and the body, he genuinely listens to what you want to achieve and sets out to deliver remarkable results.  Melo is a motivator that shows and encourages you to get the most out of your body and your life in general. He is a total professional that puts everything he can into getting the best results for his clients, and it sure works for me.


Adrian Everett
Director- The Hothouse Melbourne, Australia

Melo’s breadth of knowledge is truly amazing, covering mindfulness, mind-body connection, human physiology, psychology, philosophy, Taichi, TCM, Shiatsu, and much more. Spending time with Melo is a great investment to my health and a pleasure!



David French

To say that Melo has saved me from a ‘total burnout’ is an understatement. The meditation techniques alone have helped me become less reactive during stressful times and manage my anxiety better.  I have learnt to observe my thoughts rather than be carried away by them through the mindfulness practices he has taught me. His presence and energy is enough to calm anyone down just by being around him.




MD Law Firm

With hard work in partnership with Melo’s mentorship and meditation teachings over the last 12 months I have stopped taking medication for my high blood pressure, and reduced the medication for my chronic pain, depression and anxiety. He seems to get the best out of me without me realising it. From someone suffering depression I now feel more happy and resilient after a session with Melo.

He has also dramatically helped my son who has ASD where many other doctors and psychologists have struggled to get any results. Grateful!


Frank P.

I have acquired some amazing results from working with Mindfulmooves, they have helped me transform my life and achieve my goals for a happier, healthier lifestyle. They supported my above and beyond my expectations.


Debbie R

I was a bit skeptical at first entering The Mindful Workplace Course as I never really got into meditation before. However, I was totally surprised by the content and how it was so applicable to me and very practical to learn. I now manage my stress much better and I have improved my focus and attention in so many ways.  I loved every week and learnt so much from this course. Highly Recommended!!

Ben B.
Manager, Financial Institution

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